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Taz™ Circulating Sub

Reservoir Group


Introducing Reservoir Group’s latest drilling innovation, TAZ™ Unlimited Activation Circulating Sub

Introducing Reservoir Group’s latest drilling innovation, TAZ™ Unlimited Activation Circulating Sub

Engineered, Designed, and Manufactured for Superior Performance

  • Unlimited activations reduce tripping time with no need to POOH to empty catcher sub.
  • It’s no pass though restrictions design enables access to tools through the ID lower in the BHA.
  • Tools come pre-configured, so the rig crew can easily run the tool.
  • With its interchangeable seats and ball sizes, you can run more than one tool in the BHA—creating endless possibilities for hole cleaning applications.
  • The interchangeable nozzles allow for ease of set-up for your unique application.

Through bore clearance maintained

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The WedgeTail™ Roller Reamer has two important advantages. High-grade specialized steel and an innovative stationary pressure equalization component developed by Reservoir Group giving the cutters an extended life, while the patented Taloc™ locking mechanism in the WedgeTail™ Roller Reamer means that cutters can be safely replaced in as little as 30 minutes.

Unlimited number of activations downhole

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TAZ outperforms standard circulating subs when pumping large volumes of drilling fluid due to its unlimited number of activations downhole. It remains dormant in the BHA until opened by a drop ball from surface. The TAZ ball is a patented technology designed to disappear completely, ensuring that a through bore clearance is maintained through the tool at all times.

Excels in Demanding Applications

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  • Lost Circulation
  • Hole Enlargement
  • Coring
  • Well Cleanout
  • Wellhead Cleanout
  • Horizontal and Directional
  • Surge Protection

Taz™ Circulating Sub

6¾" Taz™ Circulating Sub

Operating Instructions

  • Unlimited activations
  • No pass through restrictions
  • Tools come pre-configured Rig crew can run tool
  • Interchangeable seats and ball sizes
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Save tripping time; no need to POOH to empty catcher sub
  • Able to access tools through the ID lower in the BHA
  • Rig crew can run tool; no specialized personnel required
  • Run more than one tool in the BHA at intervals to open endless possibilities for hole cleaning
  • Setup the tool for your direct application


Increasing drilling efficiency and enabling longer runs.

Reservoir Group knows that when it comes to drilling, it’s all about being fast and efficient. Combining our expert drilling teams and proprietary technologies, Reservoir Group has the know-how to get you to the zone – safely, quickly, and efficiently. Backed by more than 70 years of oil and gas industry experience, our drilling services and technologies have a proven track record of reducing drilling non-productive time (NPT) and enabling longer runs.


Reliable Sealed Bearing Roller Reamer


Reduces costly challenges such as pulling out of hole due to bit balling.


Introducing Reservoir Group’s latest drilling innovation, TAZ™ Unlimited Activation Circulating Sub.



Delivering first-class service and high quality well intervention solutions.


The Hydraulic C-Plate is engineered for the safe and efficient make-up of tool string connections.

Drilling, completions and production experts

Reservoir Group partners with E&P opeators and large services companies to provide services and solutions for drilling, completions and production operators.


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