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Shingleback Stabilizers

Reservoir Group

Reservoir Group’s Shingleback stabilizer reduces costly challenges such as pulling out of hole due to bit balling.

Reservoir Group’s Shingleback stabilizer reduces costly challenges such as pulling out of hole due to bit balling.

Shingleback for demanding

• Hostile environments
• Any angle
• Any doglegs
• Anywhere in the string

Reduce downhole torque and vibrations

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The Shingleback stabilizer has been designed to reduce downhole torque and vibrations to ensure the quality of the hole being drilled. The Shingleback stabilizer’s patented design uses premium grade carbides for better wear protection and superior performance.  The large corner radius in blades are thinner, decreasing side wall drag and torque and increasing flow by area – lowering the chances of sticking in the hole. 

Eliminating the bit balling problem

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It was initially built for the domestic Australian market and the unique conditions it presents, where the concept was conceived following a customer’s frustration with bit balling. The design proved to be extremely successful, not only eliminating the bit balling problem, but reducing down hole torque and vibration. Due to its success and versatility, it is now being offered to drilling operations worldwide as a viable alternative to sleeve type stabilizers.

A disposable IB stabilizer

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The ShingleBack is sold outright as a disposable IB stabilizer that can be used on multiple wells. We specifically moved away from the stabilizer rental market to avoid the traditional gray areas associated with redress, and specifically to avoid the continuous re-welding of hard facing that eventually damages premium steel – resulting in DBR charges or worse.

Shingleback Stabilizer datasheet

  • No welding
  • Helical positioned carbide
  • Narrower width blades
  • Melon profile blades profiled milled waterways to fishing neck profile
  • No bottom hole fishing neck
  • Eliminates cracking fromheat effected zones
  • Ensures one piece protects the next
  • Reduction of vibration and torque
  • Increases flow by
  • Nearbit gets as close to the bit as possible


Increasing drilling efficiency and enabling longer runs.

Reservoir Group knows that when it comes to drilling, it’s all about being fast and efficient. Combining our expert drilling teams and proprietary technologies, Reservoir Group has the know-how to get you to the zone – safely, quickly, and efficiently. Backed by more than 70 years of oil and gas industry experience, our drilling services and technologies have a proven track record of reducing drilling non-productive time (NPT) and enabling longer runs.


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Reduces costly challenges such as pulling out of hole due to bit balling.


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Delivering first-class service and high quality well intervention solutions.


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Reservoir Group partners with E&P opeators and large services companies to provide services and solutions for drilling, completions and production operators.


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