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BIOex Ecopol F3HC
Fluorine free foam

Fluorine free ecological foam concentrate Specially for Hydrocarbon Risk

THE first fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate for hydrocarbon fires that performs better than the best AFFFs.

ECOPOL for the enviroment

This is the first fluorine free foam concentrate in the World ! BIOex ECOPOL can be applied to all types of fire scenarios and makes intervention much easier for industrial, chemical, transport and fire and rescue purposes.

Powerful foaming capability!

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The adhesive nature of the foam generated, combined with its slow drainage, offers durable adherence on vertical surfaces.

It is used as a protective fire barrier for long-lasting cooling of storage containers or hydrocarbon tanks.

The foam concentrate for hydrocarbon fires thanks to:

  • Excellent smothering properties equal to the best AFFF foams.
  • Very long burn back time equal to the best protein foams
  • Its performances: 1A/Fresh water and 1A/Sea water
  • Low environmental impact

Effective on hydrocarbon fires

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THE first fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate for hydrocarbon fires that performs better than the best AFFFs.

  • 2002: At BIOex we were convinced of the harmfulness of fluorine derivatives and were already working to preserve our environment by launching ECOPOL, the first fluorine-free multi-purpose foam concentrate.
  • 2015: We launch the new formula ECOPOL F3 HC specially developed to create the first fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate with an exceptionally fast extinguishing action on hydrocarbon fires.

ECO friendly - no flourine

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As a totally fluorine-free foam concentrate, ECOPOL F3 HC is not subject to current or forthcoming regulatory controls on products containing fluorine derivatives.

ECOPOL F3 HC is completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFCs, PerFluorinated Compounds) recognized as Persistent in the environment, Bioaccumulable and Toxic to living organisms.

ECOPOL F3 HC is classified as readily biodegradable. It breaks down rapidly with no PBT (Persistent Bioaccumulable Toxic) residue and contains no halogen derivatives.

The use of ECOPOL F3 HC is the alternative for combining respect for the environment with highly effective fire extinguishing capability.

Depending on the absorption capacity of your sewage treatment plant and your spillage agreement, ECOPOL F3 HC foam can be eliminated without resorting to incineration.

1A-certified extinguishing performance

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  • Can be used at 3% in direct application on hydrocarbon fires.
  • Certified by an independent recognized laboratory, ECOPOL F3 HC has obtained the best 1A performance classification under EN 1568-3 standard.

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  • Effective at Low Expansion
  • Can be used on hydrocarbon fires as fuel oil, diesel, petrol, kerosene, etc.
  • Compatible with most dosing systems
  • Usable in mobile and fixed fire extinguishing resources
Certificates & Compliances
  • European standards 1A fresh water & 1A sea water : EN 1568-3
  • Marine: VERITAS
  • 10 years



Synthetic foam concentrate specially for hydrocarbon fires. Fluorine free.

Completely biodegradable 


Multi-expansion, fluorine free, synthetic foam concentrate effective on hydrocarbon fires.



Polyvalent multi-risk fluorine-free foam concentrate.

Completely biodegradable


Synthetic fluorine free  training foam concentrate for use on hydrocarbon fires.



Fluorine free, synthetic FFF,  efficient on hydrocarbon fires.

HOCNF Certified.

Completely biodegradable


Multi-surface disincectant cleaning agent. Virucidal action certified EN14476. 

Readily biodegradable. 

High performance foams

BIOex designs and manufactures the latest generation of ecological foam concentrates for use in firefighting.  It is therefore possible to control all types of fire and to protect the environment at the same time.  BIOex’s speciality is to produce ecologically friendly 100% fluorine free foam concentrates

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